Mystic in the rain

Mystic Drawbridge in the rain.  Photo by John Keyes.
Driving across the Mystic drawbridge on a rainy day.

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  1. Posted 2003/06/02 at 12:01 | Permalink

    Your photo has the feeling on an Impressionist painting. Nice.

  2. Posted 2003/06/03 at 17:47 | Permalink

    Very nice photo. Gotta wonder how you are taking pictures while driving, though.

  3. Posted 2003/06/03 at 17:57 | Permalink

    Not only that, but in the rain with the windshield wipers off. I was wondering whether someone might comment on that! Thanks.

  4. Posted 2003/06/07 at 11:15 | Permalink

    Very nice!