4 thoughts on “Low Tide on Lighthouse Beach”

  1. This lowtide shot reminds me of one of the best days of my life in 2003! Walking on a Cape Cod beach, I came across what looked like,to this city gal, a plastic bowl-turned up-side-down. I later asked a couple what it was and they said, “A hermit crab.” When I returned to my crab, he had “walked” to the water’s edge. I turned him over, carried him into the water, and watched as he tossed and turned in the tide. I was trying to save him, but realized that if his ancestors had been around a million years, as the couple told me, he was well-prepared to fend for himself! I realized how foolish I had been trying to interrupt nature, wished him good luck and a good life, and walked away – without looking back! I hope that he made it!

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