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  1. I was interested in this photo. My full name is Pauline Beaumier Green. My grandfather, whom I never met because he died before my parents met, once owned this business. His name was Louis James Beaumier. My father is Jr and my brother is III with the same name. My father was serving in Korea when his father died and the business went to his partner, a cousin. I believe my great-grandfather started this business.

    1. I’m setting at the computer with my nephew, Sid Beaumier, Jr., and we are searching for manhole covers that were made by Beaumier Iron Works in Brenham, Texas – we both grew up in Brenham and have relatives that we would like to compare – look forward to hearing back from you – my name is Agnes Beaumier Carlson, my father was Raymond Sidney Beaumier, and mother was Ida Louise Dannhaus Beaumier – my grandfather was Louis Mack Beaumier – my nephew’s email is sbeau@pdq.net

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