John Keyes, Sailing on the IJsselmeer in Holland.

Welcome! I’ve been a photographer for more than thirty years, starting with a cheap plastic 120 film camera when I was little. In Boy Scouts, Photography was my first merit badge, and I still remember the thrill of making my own pin hole camera out of a coffee can, and successfully exposing and developing an image of the trees behind the house. Later, in high school, I built a darkroom in the basement where I processed and printed all my black & white work. At that time, my camera was the excellent Canon Canon AT-1 SLR.

I still have the Canon and its 50mm f/1.8 lens today. In fact all the 2002 Holland pictures on this site were taken with the AT-1. Most of the photographes I’ve posted since 2003 were taken with a Canon PowerShot G3, or my Nikon D200.

In 2002, I converted johnkeyes.com into a photoblog as a way to display my favorite photos. Most of my photography is of New England, with emphasis on Maine, the coastline, and boats. But you’ll also find images from a variety of other locations I have visited, including Holland, California, and Las Vegas (I love neon!). I try to take my camera along whenever I head somewhere new, in hopes that I’ll occasionally be able to take a bit of time away for photography.

Each new posting on johnkeyes.com includes exposure information, which also allows you to see which camera was used for each photograph. I do this automatically with a bit of code that extracts the information from the EXIF tags contained withing the jpeg file. You can tell which photos were taken with film (prior to Spring 2003), since they do not display any exposure data.

I love to hear from anyone who visits this site — feel free to email me (jk@johnkeyes.com) with any questions or comments. You can also bookmark this site at photoblogs.org, or subscribe to johnkeyes.com to read the site using your favorite feed reader.

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