6 thoughts on “Bucks Harbor”

  1. Hello,
    I’m looking for a photo of Bucks Harbor to do a pastel for Christmas for my son-in-law who used to work on a dragger out of the Harbor. His grandfather I believe, also ran a lobster boat out of there years ago. He requested I do something with lobster boats in it. I’d like to get a shot that has the broadest view so I can crop the composition to make it more personalized. I’d also like to just download it of the web, so quality, color is not that important as I will improvise. Can you be of any help?

    1. i also lived there as a child from 1968 -1970 we lived in qtrs 30 .have always wondered about my friends there.do you remember anyone there.would be gratful for anything you could tell me. went to ft. obrian ele. school. we would go skating on sewer pond down by beach. walk up back trail to base. if you are wanting to talk please reply back. thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.?

  2. I still would like any Jasper Beach pictures if anyone in the Bucks Harbor area could take a few. I would like pictures too of the valley and the rock where the radar site stood on the edge of the top of the valley. Contact me by email with any digital pics or if you contact me we can arrange for 35 mm pics. I would prefer excellent quality pictures to make a poster. I will pay you for your pictures.

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