34 thoughts on “VW Beetle ad”

  1. okay… i know you don’t know me but i’m trying to find out who the guy is that plays “Bill Briggs” in this VW commercial because he seriously looks like this guy that I went to high school with who’s name was Bill Briggs and who was always into acting… I was wondering if you would know of any way to figure that out?

  2. I don’t know…a Google search doesn’t turn up anything helpful in this case. Guess you’d need to phone the ad agency to find out who plays Bill Briggs.

  3. I thought that this commercial was about a movie about a guy who hs a very routine day, but one day he something changes his life, I was really, REALY looking forward t watching this “movie” until I saw the end

  4. thank you naming the song thats played in the commerical, its been driving me nuts for weeks

  5. I can’t think of a better ad in the last 10 years. Of course I might be partial because my ma used to play ELO a lot when I was a kid. (BTW, the whole album Into the Blue is great.) Plus, I’m an office rat too, so this one goes down as my top favorite ad of all time.

  6. Do you know where I could get the version of “Mr. Blue Sky” that’s on the commerical, it’s not the same one that was released on the original ELO album.

  7. believe it or not, the name of the actor that plays bill briggs is…bill briggs, actually.

  8. HELP, who sang the Mr. Blue Sky in that commercial? I can’t find tha tversion!!

  9. The actor who plays Bill Briggs is Bill “billy” Briggs from DuBois, PA. He’s an aspiring actor who’s been in Broadway shows and is waiting for his break into becoming a Hollywood icon some day.

  10. I will confirm that the Bill Briggs in the VW commercial is Billy Briggs from DuBois, PA. He’s my second cousin, and we are all very proud of him!

  11. did you see the new playstation commercial that was on the superbowl…is that the same Bill Briggs from the vw commercial?

  12. This is the best commercial I have ever seen. I was taken anxiously awaiting the end to see when this movie was coming out. For me to watch a commercial is amazing since my Replay TV skips them but this is outstanding.
    A big THUMBS UP to its creator.

  13. My favorite commercial used to be the AXE effect commercial with the guy in the elevator. Until they came out with this one. The music is great, and the camera work is stupendous. I love the way everything is reflected in the lens so it looks the guy is trapped in his world, even when he is at home there is still the glass reflection.

  14. Hey…just randomly came across this message board. Bill Briggs went to
    The Boston Conservatory, and I am pretty sure he hasn’t done any bway yet (unless it was before college). He just did a fed ex commercial too. Very sweet guy.

  15. I’m not sure which Bill (Billy) Briggs you are all talking about, but the one that I have heard of (who also went to the Boston Conservatory) was in an off-broadway show for a while called Naked Boys Singing…he played a Jewish guy. Anyhow…like I said I don’t if this is the same guy, but if it is, I’m interested in finding info on him!!!!!!

  16. The Playstation ad is Billy. He also did Naked Boys Singing. Recently, he filmed the new Doritos campaign, so look for him getting trapped in a vending machine soon.

  17. Bill Briggs is a very attractive kid. In the vw commercial he reminds of a indy rocker trapped in an office environment.

  18. My cousin Brandi is good friends with billy. I live in Du Bois PA but im not sure where Billy was from. I’m thinking that he went to the Du Bois Area High School. I could be wrong.

  19. You are all correct. This is Bill “Billy” Briggs from FallsCreek, PA (a little town outside of DuBois) and he did go to DuBois Area High School. I was his first girlfriend (blush) and we still keep in touch today. He was in the off Broadway Play “Naked Boys Singing”, went to Boston Conservatory, was in a touring group called “The All American Singers”, has been in all of the above mentioned commercials and is a wonderful person and talented actor. GO BILLY!!!!

  20. We’ve heard from Bill’s first girlfriend, second cousin, friends (of friends), and fans…now all we need is for Bill himself to drop in and say hello!

  21. Dear John,
    I wanted to thank you and everyone on the site so much for the kind words and continued interest. Many people in my personal life have been finding there way to your site.
    Things in LA are great. I have been blessed since the release of this commercial over a year ago to have been working continuously and keep up my status as one of the few working actors without the struggle of celebrity to deal with. I am finally starting work on my first feature film this month (a script I really love) and you will be seeing me pushing Doritos soon. Other than that I am just meeting with people and living my life.
    I also just wanted to say that this VW spot was SO MUCH bigger than me I am incredibly grateful to Mike Mills (the director),everyone at the The Director’s Bureau (the production co.) and Arnold Worldwide (the ad agency) because they gave me the opportunity to be a part of something that I know I can be proud of…That saying for a commercial. Thanks Again and God Bless!

  22. Ugghhhh….I posted that long ass thing twice….see I may think I know what I am doing but deep down I’m still a goof!

  23. It’s ok, I deleted the extra copy. Thanks for stopping by Billy. We’ll watch for the Doritos ads ad next!

  24. Hey, Bill. It’s Mr. Bundy. I thought that was you in the VW ad. Congrats! Can one of my student reporters do an interview for our web site here at DAHS?

  25. haha, yeah Bill! I hadn’t seen Bill in years, then I was sitting in a movie theater and I see that VW commercial… and I thought, funny, that dude looks like Bill, wonder how he’s doing. And then the name plate shows up and it says… BILL BRIGGS. Lucky bastard… lol, he deserves it, he’s been working hard. I mean, it’s been awhile since the All American days…

  26. hey billy!
    i just met you today in mr. bundy’s english class and so i had to look up the commercial so i could see for myself. it was really interesting listening to you and i will be looking for you in other commercials now! good luck

  27. Hey Bill,
    I met you today in Mrs. Hackett’s class and last year in MG’s (Miss Gutowski)room, where you sang ave maria. I enjoyed watching your video and listening to you talk about your experiences especially since i’ve been considering going into theater. I look foreward to seeing your upcoming movie and watching you in the super bowl commercials.

  28. Hey Bill,
    i met it in Mrs. Hachetts theater arts class and i just thought it was so awesome to meet you i had no idea when i saw the VW commerical that that was you i heard people talking about you but i never really new anything else…well anyways i just want to thank you cause you inspired me to really really want to act its something ive always wanted to do but was always afraid of what my friends would think but after listen to your storys it really makes me want to be well almost like you…an inspiring actor to come out of this crap town of Dubois..WOW now wouldnt that be cool just to hit it big…so it gives me some hope knowing that if i really want it i can do it..just like you…i hope i get to meet you again and i look forward to seeing you in other things..good luck with the Movie….later

  29. If there is anyone who deserves the best it is Bill!! He was behind me in high school, but we were in chorus together and had the some same friends(Lonnie-my neighbor-among others). He has always been one of the most considerate, kind and talented guys. It’s about time the “good guys” get to succeed and show the small town jocks what it’s all about!! Go get the world, Bill, noone deserves it more than you. P.S. I had to laugh when I saw Apryl’s comments because I remember when you two started seeing each other!!

  30. You probably know by now, but that WAS Jeff Lynne, frontman for ELO, who re did his own song so that they didn’t have to pay Jet Records ( his former record label) for use of the original recording…Jeff, who has said he is starting his own label in 2004, recorded a new vresion of his old song, much the way he performed and recorded the latest ELO album “Zoom”….all by himself. Because he can.

  31. this is a response to AMY at the top. I know bill briggs from high school. he was always interested in drama and chorus. So to see him now on this ad. he is doing something he loves. bill briggs is his real name i can vouche for that. so if bill is reading this hey from a fellow dahs band member.

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