7 thoughts on “Mystic, Connecticut”

  1. Hi JA. I use this site to post interesting photos I’ve taken. When I do this, I like to point to some related books as well, to make things more interesting. Thanks for visiting my website!

  2. Pictures are awesome. I was getting really close to the monitor and imagining I was there (instead of here at work – LOL)
    What camera do you use? I would love to get a good digital but finances at the moment won’t allow. But I wanted you to know I loved your pics!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments Michele! All the photos posted since this spring were taken with a Canon Powershot G3 (digital). Prior to that, most were taken with a Canon AT-1, my old film camera I’ve had for many years.

  4. john, i found your site through your typepad site. i’m a friend of six apart’s sysadmin and am planning on signing up for typepad when it opens to the public tonight!
    i’m writing because until two months ago, i’d lived in mystic for the last 4 years! now i’m in santa monica, ca. quite a change! i actually lived in the red brick building in your pictures of the drawbridge for two years, then moved to an apartment literally a stone’s throw away from the lion water fountain in this pic. these photos are great and really make me miss mystic!

  5. Peter, thanks for the note! Mystic is a wonderful place to visit or live. It must have been a lot of fun living by the drawbridge; if I lived there I’d never get any work done because I’d be staring out the window all day!

  6. heh, (un)luckily i worked in the not-so-picturesque city of groton, so i didn’t get to see the bridge go up and down too much during the week, but my daughter loved hearing the horn and seeing the bridge go up and down when we’d go out (to the park w/the lion) on the weekends.

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