6 thoughts on “Santa Claus visits Mystic”

  1. Who’s that standing next to him?
    You know in the Netherlands we have Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas), who is always accompanied by his black assistants. Today it’s St. Nicholas’ day (December 5). The day all Dutch kids have been looking forward to.

  2. Wierd..checking referer logs and I stumble upon this site. Looks like John was about 100′ away from me, perhaps just upriver of the sidewalk I think.
    The one standing next to Santa is one of his elves. A teenage girl with elve ears and earmuffs on. Poor girl looked almost frozen by the time Santa was about ready to leave. Very cold and strong winds. In one of the photo’s I took you can see the pom-pom on Santa’s hat going straight out to the side.

  3. Thanks for pointing out your nice photos Eric. We were indeed very near you. And that cold wind was nasty. Afterwards we went for some ice cream.

  4. Did you end up near the end of the line to visit Santa? I remember a gentleman right behind us in line commenting on getting some ice cream from Drawbridge ICe Cream…
    In fact I think my wife wrote it up in her entry on the event. Was that you ?

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